45.5% increase!!!

File this one under rants instead of ramblings!!!  Have you gotten your yearly letter letting you know what your new monthly premium is going to be for your health insurance starting January first?  If not and you do happen to get it sit down before you open it.  I thought the increase last year was bad…insurance for just me and my son is going to go up 45.5% come first of the year. This is just pure insanity.

I’ve tried looking into having separate policies which would mean his coverage would be crappier than it is now and his deductible would double while trying to keep my coverage about the same(not that it’s great but let’s face it I’m getting older and as such have more of a need for medical services than an 18 year old) and the difference in price would be negligible at best (and therefore not worth doing considering the changes to my son’s coverage.)

I just don’t understand how people are expected to just suck up such an increase.  The even crazier thing is this isn’t an across the board increase.  State by state increases are different…I even think Rhode Island had a decrease of 5%.  In Florence county, SC Blue Cross Blue Shield is the only provider available on the healthcare marketplace.  When will the government allow companies to sell across state lines which should actually encourage competitive pricing???  I remember hearing this was in the works but haven’t heard any more about it lately.

I guess for now I’ll keep digging and hopefully come up with some alternative to this madness.

Until next time try to keep your sanity!

Nov. 2017

Respect for the dead…

One afternoon recently (6/29/2017) on the way home from work traffic was pretty heavy due to an accident just before the Great Pee Dee River bridge so I opted to take an alternate route…SC34.  I sometimes go this way just to get away from the boring I-95 drive.  I like the area’s 2 lane road through the woods and swampy area around the Great Pee Dee along with the plantations and farms on S. Charleston Rd.

Also along this route is the site of  Mount Pleasant Baptist Church/Lowther’s Hill Cemetery(also known as Montrose…see this article for the background on it if you’re unfamiliar with it… http://www.scnow.com/news/local/article_28305d00-22e4-11e2-b09e-0019bb30f31a.html .)

With the ‘ghost story’ lure I, like most teenagers in the area, went there when in high school late at night with a group of friends.  We got out and hung out there for a bit but didn’t see or experience anything and then left.  My son made the same trip some time in the past year or so.  I’ve always had a great reverence for cemeteries since they are the final resting place of those who have passed before us.  I especially hate seeing when they are desecrated.  I’ve stopped here on the way home before maybe a year ago and found the place littered with trash, beer cans, liquor bottles, etc.  At the time I didn’t have anything to collect trash.

On the way home I told my son about this and how it pissed me off that people were such assholes.  How people had in fact not only littered but also all the headstones were pretty much gone(knocked over and broken into pieces.)  In place of the headstones is a large granite boulder that has the names of the people buried there engraved on it.  Some jerk had even spray painted this stone and a tree standing beside it.  (I did find that the Darlington County Historical Commission has moved what was left of the headstones behind the Historical Commission building in Darlington to preserve them so that they aren’t taken and or dumped elsewhere…article is found here… http://www.scnow.com/news/local/article_b139293a-5c27-11e6-bb49-1f9ec2aff8c8.html and another here… https://dchcblog.net/2016/03/16/the-desecration-of-lowthers-hill-cemetery-aks-montrose/ .)

We arrived and surveyed the area.  I grabbed a large bag I had in the truck and we commenced our impromptu cleanup effort.  It wasn’t long before we had gotten up the majority of the litter from the cemetery itself and the surrounding wooded area.  I’m hoping to make more of a planned trip maybe one weekend where I can carry tools and a trailer to actually clean up(rake, trim trees, etc.) and haul everything off.  We do this at one of our family burial plots and the surrounding gravesites in another cemetery which I won’t name as the site is supposed to be perpetual care but about the only thing that gets done is the grass gets mowed and that’s it.  I don’t personally know anyone buried in Lowther’s Hill Cemetary but feel the need to do what I can to clean it up.  Maybe if visitor’s see it’s being taken care of they will treat it with a bit more respect(or at least one would hope.)

Wooden posts-old foot path entrance I assume. This now leads to a clearing and a pit adjacent to the cemetery.
Graffiti on tree
Trash, trash, trash!
Entrance/exit road

Historical marker at the entrance road to Lowther’s Hill Cemetary.

Historical marker just south of Lowther’s Hill Cemetary

Below are photos from a previous visit 8/8/2016

That’s it for now…thanks for stopping by!

Where does it all go…?

…time that is…so much to do and never enough time to do it all.  This is something I’ve struggled with as long as I can remember.  Between work, side work, things around the house, other miscellaneous daily/weekly obligations, taking time to rest(something I try to find more time for the older I get,) favors for friends and family, and the list goes on.  What was I thinking when I started this site???  Surely I must be a bit off mentally.

At any rate I hope this post finds you and yours doing well.

I’m presently multi tasking…doing a little data recovery(side work) while working on this post.  Currently looking at a screen with the following.

WARNING: Can’t Read Sector at…blah blah blah, lost data!!!

I hate to say it but I feel like this myself…CRS(Can’t Remember Shit.)  Not everyday but more and more as time passes.  Reminds me of an episode on National Geographic’s Year Million ( http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/year-million/ ) regarding AI and possible future technologies.  They have some pretty far fetched ideas in regards to being able to eventually(when our bodies are no longer viable) being able to ‘upload’ our memories/being/consciousness so that they continue on after our physical bodies are no more.

I have mixed feelings about this as I cannot imagine that there will ever be any way to transfer one’s consciousness/being from a living body to an inanimate object(supercomputer or whatever.)

On the other hand I have to admit I’m selfish…as time passes so do friends and family an unfortunate truth of our existence and I have a very difficult time with this and have wrestled with it since loss first visited me in my much younger years.  Tech such as this could potentially alleviate or even solve that problem for me.

Memories on the other hand I can see that maybe being a possibility…if they figure out the interconnect to access and ‘download’ our memories I’d imagine they’d be like home movies that could be accessed just like any other digital video file.

I know with advances in AI and neural networks things may change but presently someone has to write code for both to work or even exist.  On the show they also discuss the point where AI becomes self aware(technological singularity.)  Again something hard for me to grasp but I do suppose that the AI could start writing it’s own code.  I still however just cannot fathom any technology that is ‘self aware’ would be anything like our unique state of being.

We’re flawed, our memories fail, and our bodies have an expiration date…all by design.  This carries over to technology as well so you have to keep that in mind…just like this hard drive I’m pulling data from…it’s memory is failing and it’s ‘body’ will soon expire.