45.5% increase!!!

File this one under rants instead of ramblings!!!  Have you gotten your yearly letter letting you know what your new monthly premium is going to be for your health insurance starting January first?  If not and you do happen to get it sit down before you open it.  I thought the increase last year was bad…insurance for just me and my son is going to go up 45.5% come first of the year. This is just pure insanity.

I’ve tried looking into having separate policies which would mean his coverage would be crappier than it is now and his deductible would double while trying to keep my coverage about the same(not that it’s great but let’s face it I’m getting older and as such have more of a need for medical services than an 18 year old) and the difference in price would be negligible at best (and therefore not worth doing considering the changes to my son’s coverage.)

I just don’t understand how people are expected to just suck up such an increase.  The even crazier thing is this isn’t an across the board increase.  State by state increases are different…I even think Rhode Island had a decrease of 5%.  In Florence county, SC Blue Cross Blue Shield is the only provider available on the healthcare marketplace.  When will the government allow companies to sell across state lines which should actually encourage competitive pricing???  I remember hearing this was in the works but haven’t heard any more about it lately.

I guess for now I’ll keep digging and hopefully come up with some alternative to this madness.

Until next time try to keep your sanity!

Nov. 2017